Clear View have a fantastic choice of windows that offer high security and are A-Rated for energy efficiency as standard, and with the cost of heating your house ever increasing, there has never been a better time to save energy and money.

Gorgeous Design

Let us help you create a bespoke windows design so that they stand out from your neighbours.

Different Styles

Windows at Clear View come in a range of different styles so you can achieve the look your after.


Clear View Windows come in a range of different colours so that you can get the exact look you want.

Windows at Clear View

The overall appearance and value of your property can be dramatically improved with the addition of new windows, and can be achieved for a relatively small investment. We are experienced in installing windows in Coventry as well as other locations including Nuneaton, Bedworth, Warwickshire and the rest of the West Midlands. We can provide a wide range of Windows, both fabricated in house and supplied by reputable companies.

Meet demands for energy efficiency with triple glazing  We offer A+ rated Casement Windows as standard, which can be enhanced with high performance triple glazing. These factors mean that our windows meet the reputable Passivhaus standard. This is a huge selling point for homeowners and project managers alike, who now opt for home improvement products that can help them save on heating expenses and meet current building regulation stipulations.

Equally important for the discerning customer is security. Luckily Clear View Windows offer multi-point locking systems for all of our Windows. This means that not only is thermal and acoustic performance improved (especially when the profile is combined Triple Glazing), but their property or building is far less likely to become a part of the crime statistics in their area.

Offer a wide choice of finishes: Even with all of these benefits, our Windows are stylish and can add a personal touch to the homeowner’s property (or commercial endeavor.) In addition to a range of standard and bespoke colour options (to match any RAL colour), the profiles available for Windows include Chamfered and Sculptured designs to suit all property types.

Equally, all have modern, clean lines, symmetrical designs and are simple to clean and use. Ease of installation is also a priority for our customers. Clean lines and quality of materials used for the profiles make this possible, saving you time and hassle during installation – spending minimum time on site for ultimate convenience and efficiency.

Residence 9 Timber Alternatives: Residence 9 is a Window and Door system designed to authentically replicate 19th Century timber designs. It is a clever blend of old and new, offering traditional style and modern performance. These uPVC Windows are hugely popular with customers, and their design truly among the best in class. Offering the premium R9 system to your customers will make help you to surpass the competition.

Smarts Aluminium profiles: Aluminium Windows are growing in popularity every day. As well as offering style, these Windows from the Smarts system are highly durable. They boast huge security and thermal benefits which appeal to customers because of their practicality combined with beautiful aesthetics.

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